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Interactive Reading:

Reading 8th grade

Reading 9th grade
Romeo and Juliet

Reading 10th grade

Reading 11th grade

Reading 12th grade
The Jungle

Robin Hood

RDG081, RDG091
Monkey's PawSocratic Seminar #1
Monkey's Paw
Wksheet, summary, Study questions, you tube,post test

Socratic Seminar #
The Necklace Wksheet Summary study questions

Socratic Seminar #3
The Open Window video, audio, Wksheet, Summary, Study questions, additional link,

Socratic Seminar #4

Cask of Amontillado: pictures, Video, Recording, Video 2, Video 3, Wksheet, summary, study questions, quiz, web

Socratic Seminar #5

Tell Tale Heart: Worksheet 1, Worksheet2, Video, modernversion, Summary, Quiz, onlinequiz, handout, middle school,

Socratic Seminar #6

The Most Dangerous Game: Worksheet, Summary, Study Questions, Video 1/8, 2/8, 3/8, 4/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 8/8, Plot Analysis, online Quiz, re-enactment

Socratic Seminar #7

The Yellow Wallpaper: worksheet, summary, audio, video, quiz, handout, Nerasthina Disease, acting interpretation, interpretation,

Socratic Seminar #8

A Cup of Tea: Inference Worksheet, Worksheet, Summary, Author background, audio, quiz, analysis

Socratic Seminar #9
The Lottery: Summary, worksheet, questions, quiz, video1, Video 2, audio, additional links, online quiz

Socratic Seminar #10

The Pit and the Pendulum; summary, worksheet, video, audio, Graphic Organizer, Additional Links, trailer, Pictues, ppt., additional,

Socratic Seminar #11

The Pedestrian: Summary, worksheet, questions, quiz, Video1, Video 2, additional links,
Socratic Seminar #11 Articles:
Article 1, Article 2, Article 3,

Mother Tongue and Two Kinds:
Socratic Seminar #12
Website: Two Kinds
Two Friends: Socratic Seminar #13

Socratic Seminar #14

A Doll's House: Summary, worksheet, questions, quiz, video, audio,

Socratic Seminar #15 
A Rose for Emily Webpage

Socratic Seminar #16 
The Gift of the Magi Audio Version

Socratic Seminar #17 
The Diamond As Big As The Ritz

Socratic Seminar #18

John Upditke

Socratic Seminar #19 
A Sound of Thunder Trailer

Socratic Seminar #20

Stephen King

Stephen KIng Website

Critical Reading

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